About Suzanne’s oriental rugs interpreted in mosaics

Interpreting oriental rugs into mosaics is like a childhood dream come true. I was always lured and fascinated by the colors, patterns and the mystery of rugs. When I adventured into interpreting them in mosaics at a small scale, it immediately became an addictive challenge. Looking at an oriental rug, I get the sense of happiness as is the feeling I get while interpreting a rug into a mosaic.

 I am very attracted to tribal rugs from all parts of central Asia and my passion is to pay tribute to them by reproducing,  reinterpreting, or composing them in mosaics. The process of doing them is technically challenging but from start to finish the satisfaction to me is visually infinite.


  1. Just saw that you are going to be in San Antonio in the fall at the Southwest School of Art to teach a workshop on this beautiful method. I have always been intrigued with the concept of combining mosaics and tapestry. Hope to see you at the workshop.

  2. I just registered for the San Antonio workshop and am looking forward to creating a rug detail.
    Perhaps you can recommend a source for a design or how to proceed in that direction. I believe I prefer Turkish / Turkestan/Uzbekistan.

    Thank you .

    Phyllis Akmal

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